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Call Only Campaigns for Chiropractors

Chiropractic pay-per-click advertising can be competitive – and therefore expensive. In some markets, we’ve seen chiropractors bidding up to $50 per click for top of page ranking. With that high of a bid, it can be hard to get a … Continued

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Beware the “Medicine-Show Hokum Hustler”

I recently spoke with a chiropractor who was confused about online marketing. He met with a digital marketing consultant who had some extraordinary advice.  The consultant, it seemed, could turn around this chiropractor’s stagnate online marketing in just a matter … Continued

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Your Chiropractic Blogging Diary

Why do you think visitors to your chiropractic website read your blog articles?  What types of questions do they need answered? At first, you may think you’re educating prospective patients in the benefits of chiropractic.  But the truth is most … Continued

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Avoid Chintzy Chiropractic Selling

We assume you’re a fair and reputable chiropractic clinic who puts the needs of your patients first. However, if you tend to push things in terms of sales honesty, or you find yourself in lean times, desperate for new patients, … Continued

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Chiropractic marketing is…

…more than just ads, website designs, and SEO. Marketing for your chiropractic services is the way your receptionist answers the phone.  It’s not keeping patients waiting too long.  It’s the typesetting on your bills, your confidentiality policy, and how useful … Continued

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You’ll Thank Me Later

You may be coming to Chiropractic Marketing 360® wondering what a good “design” is for your website.  Here’s the short version: A good website design gets the visitor to take an action that they’ll thank you for later.  There is a … Continued

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When Rejection Feels Good

For the most part, rejection from a chiropractic lead is a bummer. You spent budget on advertising to get the lead to your website.  You worked earnestly to create a professional, useful design for your chiropractic website that would convert … Continued

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