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How to Create a Useful Chiropractic Blog

Blogging for business continues to evolve.

Just a few years ago, most chiropractic websites used their blog for nothing other than SEO.  They’d stuff keywords into nonsensical posts, then hide them on the back of the blog to feed Google – but keep people from actually reading them.

Often, there was an assumption that nobody would read the blog anyway.  Who has the time?  I just want to compare prices and schedule an appointment.

Today, we see that assumption was wrong.  In many cases, the type of informational content presented on a blog is in fact what prospective patients look for first.

Data on modern consumers shows their online research starts with the need to solve a problem.  They are looking for useful content that addresses that problem specifically.  Their search starts out with informational needs rather than transactional ones.

Furthermore, consumers are looking for honest businesses who are willing to provide value upfront.  They’re going to take the time to research their options, and the practices that are most helpful with that research are the ones that will earn their trust – and business.

Your chiropractic blog is a natural platform for this type of content.  You can write articles, post videos, and design infographics.  Keyword research helps identify the questions prospective patients ask and the information they seek.

These trends are connected to the speed and flexibility of today’s internet access – particularly with mobile devices.  Given these powerful informational resources, it’s not surprising that consumers want more from online content than just an electronic version of a Yellow Pages ad.

Indeed, an internet connection today implies far more than gigs of data traveling the digital web.  People connect – on an emotional level – through these platforms.  Consumers aren’t just looking for an ad with a sparse value-proposition.  They want to feel they can trust you.  Without that trust, you have much less opportunity to create the initial connection.

Businesses on the forefront of this trend are building out their informational resources and highlighting that content on the website designs.

One of the more well known examples of this is River Pools and Spas.  Take a look at this website and you can see how strongly they funnel people into their informational resources – the site is more a library of informational articles than a “sales” platform.  And it works.  This is one best known pool sites online, and owner Marcus Sheridan was so successful with this type of marketing he parlayed it into a consulting career.

Sheridan maintains that today, marketing is more about “help, help, help” than “sell, sell, sell”.

Google’s data confirms this.  They noted that in 2015, 51% of smartphones users purchased from a company/brand other than the one they originally intended because the information was useful.

If your chiropractic blog is buried on the back of your website, centralize it into your navigation.

If your content is an embarrassment you’d prefer people didn’t see, start working on your writing and content creation skills.

If your more focused on selling than helping, adjust that attitude.

If your online lead-generation is poor even though you invested in a great website design and have a competitive offer, consider this:  the issue is probably one of trust.

Use your blog to provide unique insights and helpful information.  It’s now one of the main stepping stones in earning trust.

How to Create a Useful Chiropractic Blog
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