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You’ll Thank Me Later

You may be coming to Chiropractic Marketing 360® wondering what a good “design” is for your website.  Here’s the short version: A good website design gets the visitor to take an action that they’ll thank you for later.  There is a … Continued

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#1 Chiropractor!

Do you want to be the best chiropractor in your market space?  The #1 office with the most happy patients, the coolest waiting room and unparalleled results? Then you might be disappointed. Not because you’re not great.  But because being … Continued

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How to Create a Useful Chiropractic Blog

Blogging for business continues to evolve. Just a few years ago, most chiropractic websites used their blog for nothing other than SEO.  They’d stuff keywords into nonsensical posts, then hide them on the back of the blog to feed Google … Continued

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Use Video Testimonials on Your Chiropractic Website

When it comes to creating persuasive content on your chiropractic website, well-developed patient testimonials pull together the most effective elements. Consider some of these effective elements of website content: Focusing on benefits.  Instead of describing the chiropractic procedure, you focus … Continued

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Use the AIDA Principle On Chiropractic Websites

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.  It’s a basic principle of copywriting, and is a good premise to organize your chiropractic website content on. The best chiropractic websites are designed to sell.  According to Forrester Research, with online advertising … Continued

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